Posts for 2016-09-06
Uber parti-bus

“Uber-Parti-Bus”: So much more than just getting you from A to B. Everyone got off happier than they got on. We got our passengers to their destinations feeling warm, smiling, and giving off a positive vibe. I don’t think Uber will roll out this kind of thing in the future, but you cannot deny the weight and the importance of

“Unpack your instruments” street party in Vilnius

I am Colombian-Lithuanian and I have, for most of my life had difficulty making sense of the fact that sometimes I am this and that, and at other times I am neither. What began as an exploration of the Lithuanian communities int the NE US, resulted in revelatory experience that gave birth to a documentary (To Be LT – 1st


A city sidewalk, a park, a square can turn into a completely different space if you put some soul into it. A song or two can completely change a persons mood or brighten their day. Music is a powerful means of social alchemy; meeting people, making friends, gaining access to new places, getting free stuff. I carry my princess (guitalele) everywhere I