“From Spectate to Participate” is a cocktail of music, ideas, and creative interaction that insightfully makes fun of why we so often prefer ‘safe and passive’ rather than get ‘hands-on and dirty’. There are many tricks artists rely on to seduce an audience, but the most powerful of all performance alchemy is when performer and spectator become “one” in the magic of the moment.

“FUN often makes the difference between want to and have to

The seminar touches on emotional needs, stimulus, social conscientiousness, and FUN! It culminates with an interactive musical happening where spectators become participants and get a practical taste of the subject matter by holding the musical space together, and feeling accountable for the process and the people involved. It is particularly useful for those who want to understand how to get people earnestly engaged in processes. It is also practical therapy for those who often want to be more involved but often can’t overcome unseen barriers. While the theory may enlighten our minds, being part of the experience provides a positive emotional jolt that makes people re-evaluate what they know about emotion, FUN, empathy, social structures, engagement and authenticity.

“FUN! is like salt, it may have little substance, but is a great catalyzer that makes almost anything taste a little better”

Although Jurgis has done well over 200 interactive musical seminars in the past 3 years for businesses, NGO’s, and educational establishments, “From Spectate to Participate” is the first one devised for the general public. It has been showcased at several TEDx events, numerous conferences, and clients all over Europe. It can be easily adapted to different circumstances and tailored for specific audiences. “From Spectate to Participate” is perfect Edutainment for any organisation that needs to break the ice, kick start a process, begin a dialogue or simply give their people something to think about. Key subjects such as engagement, participation, stakeholder involvement, vulnerability and trust can be tailored to fit the needs of the client.

This performance is both entertaining and insightful for those who want to understand how to get people immersed in artistic ritual. More than that, it is practical therapy for those who often want to take part in “art” or “creativity” but often can’t seem to overcome unseen barriers. For more information download PDF file HERE. 

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