An entertaining musical seminar that offers a fresh and useful perspective on the power and possibilities of purposefully applied values.” 

What happens when you align your convictions and beliefs with your everyday activities? Your words start reflecting what you feel – Your actions show who you are – You start living what you love – You become motivated and mindful…


I combine my musical talent, sharp sense of humour and public speaking skills to convey a serious message in a fun, interactive, and memorable manner. I educate audiences on social capital, the intrinsic power of values and the possibilities of purposefully aligned beliefs and convictions. I teach how to identify, attune and seize this latent asset for social innovation, employee engagement, more relevant CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), improved HR (Human Resources), sincere PR (Public Relations), and a heightened sense of community. Most importantly, I inspire individuals to develop a value-driven, socially and environmentally aligned perspective of day-to-day activities and strategic objectives.


I reach all of those goals above by relying on personal stories and enlightening through comedy; By using live-music to illustrate how a perk can become a core value driver; By using my experience working with artists in music and entertainment to explain organisation values, credibility, motivation and how they affect internal dynamics and external perceptions; By using my knowledge of PR and campaigning to highlight the importance of authenticity and resonance; By relying on my commitment to activism to prove that purpose is a priceless asset; By showing people how to help themselves and provide insight on how to harness values into positive change immediately.



Our failure to coherently value that which we cannot put a price tag on is the issue that I seek to address.”

MUSIC IS MY WEAPON OF CHOICE. I have dedicated myself to understanding and addressing our skewed perception of value and how it ails our ability to be human in modern society. I also encourage others to understand the “social dimension” as a key to a vast cache of untapped resources, wealth, and innovation rather than a liability. Music helps me spread this message. I use it as a means of communicating ideas, therapy, building bridges, showing support and appreciation.  I also use it as a catalyzer for interaction, education, and as a tool for forging meaningful ties. I believe that music can do much more than just entertain you at a show or play through your speakers, once you stop treating it like a peddleable commodity or service.

Interactive musical seminar an entertaining mix of music, comedic story-telling, and sound academic ideas.

The objective of my performance is to push the audience to realise that the human touch we enjoy in our personal lives has a place in organisations; that their own personal values can be tapped to spur innovation and bring about many changes and benefits for themselves and their organisation.

The Fundamental pillars of this message are:

  • YOU CAN’T DEFINE “PRICELESS” IN TERMS OF MONEY – and that’s tough for businesses to understand.
  • SOCIAL CAPITAL IS A REAL “RESOURCE” IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD – it will provide a competitive advantage if you use it to your advantage.
  • YOUR CORE VALUES DEFINE WHO YOU ARE AND HOW YOU RELATE TO OTHERS – you can either align them, or face the risks.
  • ALIGN ORGANIZATION VALUES in line with personal values.
  • REACH BEYOND THE ORGANIZATION: your organization can be more than a place you just work at. Inspiring people to change the world from their workplace.

”Jurgis’s performance was an excellent choice for the end of our conference.  It was a dynamic synthesis of theory and music, topped by Jurgis’s charisma.  It was an great example of how an audience should be engaged.”

 – Giedrė Dauguvietytė, HR Development Manager, SBA

Different, fun, engaging, involving, smart, powerful, humble, knowledgeable, instructive, shaking and rocking performance.

 – Saulė Balčiūnienė, Head of HR at Omnitel

An average session lasts about 2 hours. Thorough consideration is given to each case; length, content and subject matter are tailored specifically to the needs of each organisation. I enjoy diverse audiences and easily adapt to challenging circumstances. For more information: Values For Value 


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