Jurgis does, Jurgis did, this is what Jurgis has done. Creativity and “FUN!” are the most painless route to social transformation. “Want to” is always more motivating than “have to”, and we believe that serious ideas and deliberate deeds travel better when they’re sugar-coated. Just because they’re playful doesn’t mean they don’t pack a punch.

“Rolling Waves” – a song that is meant to be sung
Everybody is musical, they just don’t know it.  Rolling waves is a song that’s meant to be sung.  It reminds us of our inherent musical nature and invites us to reconnect with this “gift” collectively in a playful manner.  Many avoid singing, because of fear, childhood trauma, an aversion to awkwardness, or simply adhering to convention pushes people to keep
“Welcome to Lithuania”- Hospitality Anthem

The song – “Welcome to Lithuania” was written by Jurgis Did and his former band “InCulto” in 2003. Back then, the market was flooded with TV ads contracted by various tourism departments of the world. All the exotic destinations were calling to visit their luscious mountains, exotic forests and other wonders of the world. InCulto began to wonder what would


“From Spectate to Participate” is a cocktail of music, ideas, and creative interaction that insightfully makes fun of why we so often prefer ‘safe and passive’ rather than get ‘hands-on and dirty’. There are many tricks artists rely on to seduce an audience, but the most powerful of all performance alchemy is when performer and spectator become “one” in the magic of

Burning Street: BurningMan Precompression 2017 in Vilnius

Many people think BuriningMan is just a festival in the desert that is notorious for music, drugs, and ridiculously beautiful people. What makes Burning Man exceptional is the art. What makes it unlike any other festival is a series of principles, that incite people to behave differently and reconsider their relationship to other people and the environment. If you apply

Jurgis Did & Fantuzzi “Love Warrior Boot-Camp”

–PREMIERED AT TEDX BLACKROCKCITY (BURNING MAN) VIDEO OUT SOON! — Utopia is not a place. It is a space held by individuals adhering to higher ideals. Living hippie legend Fantuzzi teams up with Jurgis to recruit those who have all but lost faith in the fight for a more humane society. This charismatic duo provides us an enriching perspective on

“Mindauginės” – Loud & Proud Street Party in Klaipėda

I make impact music. If I release a single, there is an idea, there is a discourse, there is an action. There is nothing more satisfying than feeling that what you do has a purpose. But then an ocean of people engage in your art and you are blessed with a sublime sense of resonance and impact. “Packed Instruments” („Supakuoti

This is connection
I wanted to touch on our relationship with technology and particularly at LOGIN2017. I then thought that doing so through form the perspective of the indigenous people of the Colombian mountains would be infinitely more interesting. ”This is Connection” is about human nature, emotional needs, technology, AI, the singularity, and progress from a very different angle, one embued with ancestral wisdom. I've
Duke Of Edinburgh Awards in Vilnius

I thought that Duke of Edinburgh awards was just another youth entrepreneurial thing. The philosophy behind it is quite deep. Kurt Hahn recognized six trends that are the undoing of modern youth. These were hacked out in the 30’s and are still so relevant today! 1. Decline of fitness due to modern methods of locomotion 2. Decline of initiative and

To Be LT

IN SEARCH OF A GLOBAL LITHUANIAN IDENTITY: A community building pilgrimage that explores and documents what it means “To Be LT” to those abroad. It seeks to bolster unity and empathy by cultivating an inclusive and pluralistic identity that appreciates diversity. One that is resilient to the challenges of the modern world; One that embraces all her children. Five to


”An entertaining musical seminar that offers a fresh and useful perspective on the power and possibilities of purposefully applied values.”  What happens when you align your convictions and beliefs with your everyday activities? Your words start reflecting what you feel – Your actions show who you are – You start living what you love – You become motivated and mindful… YOU

Uber parti-bus

“Uber-Parti-Bus”: So much more than just getting you from A to B. Everyone got off happier than they got on. We got our passengers to their destinations feeling warm, smiling, and giving off a positive vibe. I don’t think Uber will roll out this kind of thing in the future, but you cannot deny the weight and the importance of

“Unpack your instruments” street party in Vilnius

I am Colombian-Lithuanian and I have, for most of my life had difficulty making sense of the fact that sometimes I am this and that, and at other times I am neither. What began as an exploration of the Lithuanian communities int the NE US, resulted in revelatory experience that gave birth to a documentary (To Be LT – 1st


A city sidewalk, a park, a square can turn into a completely different space if you put some soul into it. A song or two can completely change a persons mood or brighten their day. Music is a powerful means of social alchemy; meeting people, making friends, gaining access to new places, getting free stuff. I carry my princess (guitalele) everywhere I

“PATINKA” Procesion

Promoting tolerance without mentioning tolerance. “Like”, or “Me gusta” are alright. But if you learn “Patinka” you’ll be saying it in one of the oldest languages in use today. The Pop-Up ‪#‎Patinka‬ carnival marks the end of our effort to promote the song in Lithuania and the beginning of our efforts to push the word #Patinka abroad. #Patinka is a word that conveys

Zeppelin workshop & Patinka video presentation

The zeppelin is the Lithuanian delicacy that every foreigner is forced to try on arrival to our wonderful country. The oversized, potato starch dumpling filled with pork and bathed in cracklings inspires mixed reactions. Understandably, it has as yet to make its way to the international culinary stage as have other traditional favorites like the pizza, kebab, or samosa. We


#Reanimacija takes the healing and transformative qualities of various art forms for social impact and fun. Art is just what the doctor ordered for your zombified state of mind. It reminds us of the importance of human warmth and generosity without a price tag. During 2014-2015 I took a break from music working as a consultant for the EC and EP in


Libraries are quickly becoming book museums. In Late 2015 the Lithuanian national library asked us to show people what a library should be in the XXIst century – a community hub where people can meet share and do so much more than just pick out books. We visited 4 locations in Lithuania and through artistic Fluxus transformed peoples stereotypes and

Firefighter volunteering

I’ve supported the Lithuanian fire service constantly over the past couple of years. I play music at their events and take part in their promotional campaigns. In 2015 they asked me to show an example by becoming a volunteer firefighter. Me and my team were up for the challenge and our collaboration set the groundwork for our “Build a Fire”

Build a Fire: creating magical realism with fire-firghters & clowns

Sometimes you need to burn the old to bring in the new. Build A Fire is about personal transformation and getting rid of all the things you don’t need. We’re experimenting with a new format, where we mix documentary footage from our social initiatives with fictional elements to create a visual breed of “magical realism”. This video would not have

Do You Own Your Demons? Release

Everyone deserves social intervention. That includes ravers and partygoers looking for a boost at 3am in the morning…