By seamlessly mixing his passion for music and social phenomenon, Jurgis proves that an artist can do much more than simply entertain; he can transform, inspire and enlighten.

Music is nice. Music with a powerful message, captivating storytelling, and comedy, as well as Q&A – is much nicer. Jurgis Didžiulis is a social-impact performer, but he’s also a seasoned public speaker. He enjoys combining his skills to educate people on social phenomenon; expand their understanding of emotional intelligence, and demonstrate the power of authentic values, earnest engagement, community, social capital, emotional-conscientiousness, and FUN!

Jurgis transcends the limits of format and genre through enlightening dialogue and stimulating interaction that can feel like a musical stand-up comedy at one moment and a life-changing inspirational talk the next. This mix illustrates and provokes in ways that words alone cannot. More importantly, it can immediately change the emotional climate of a situation, and help groups of people (re)establish an honest emotional connection.

His education in political science and business administration allows Jurgis to establish a rapport with scholarly audiences and rigorously business-minded individuals alike. His extensive experience on-stage allows him to tailor messages and adapt to different people and circumstances, as well as effortlessly improvise during unforeseen situations.

Since 2015, Jurgis has done over 200 interactive musical “Edu-Tainment” sessions for businesses, NGO’s, educational establishments, and conferences. He feels equally comfortable inspiring, entertaining and enlightening anyone from kindergarten kids to hardcore academics, anywhere from cozy boardrooms to thousand-person auditoriums.


”An entertaining musical seminar that offers a fresh and useful perspective on the power and possibilities of purposefully applied values.”

Values are more than something to go with your company’s mission statement. They are emotional DNA that can be harnessed for meaningful change and a competitive advantage. “Social” is much more than a liability, responsibility or obligation. It is a potential resource that is often underestimated and overlooked. Values in the form of personal beliefs and convictions are the key to understanding this latent cache within each organisation. If invoked sincerely, they can be tapped to improve employee engagement, spark positive change, and explore meaningful social initiatives amongst other things. You can read more on VALUES FOR VALUE seminar HERE. Download PDF HERE.


A cocktail of live music, powerful ideas, and creative interaction that inverts the role of on an audience and demonstrates how easy it is to go from ‘safe and passive’ to ‘hands-on and engaged’.

This immersive, participatory performance is an energising incitement to activism. It reveals the basic dynamics of the social games we play every single day, and provides the insight to hack them. It feels like a concert at one moment, stand-up comedy the next, a dance-party, and a life-changing workshop shortly after. By effortlessly transforming spectators into active-stakeholders, Jurgis inspires us to tap into our own artistic nature, and nudges us playfully challenge the rules and roles of social conventions in our lives. Thorough explanation of what is going on give the audience plenty to take home and think about after the show.

Although Jurgis has done well over 200 interactive musical seminars in the past years for businesses, NGO’s, and educational establishments, “From Spectate to Participate” is the first one devised for the general public. It has already been showcased at TEDxVilnius, TEDxBlackRockCity (Burning Man), and TEDxStockholm as well as numerous other public events and conferences.

You can read more on “FROM SPECTATE TO PARTICIPATE” HERE. Download PDF file HERE. 




„We entered the room as individuals, and two hours later left it as one big tribe inspired to create something bigger than ourselves. He effortlessly mixes business insight, musical performance, creativity and fun to create an engaging experience. It was perfectly tuned to the theme and purpose of our leadership event. It was a fantastic and empowering burst of energy!“

-Vija Valentukonytė, Head of Internal Communications, Telia

“One of the best participatory music and entertainment shows I’ve ever experienced.”

– Magnus Brannstrom, CEO & President Oriflame

”The seminar Jurgis delivered was professional, focused and hugely engaging. It expanded the boundaries of our understanding of social capital and its interrelationship with our daily lives and business.  Incorporating music into the session made it great fun – overall, top marks, highly recommended.”

– Alex Gibb, Head of Sustainability, SEB Baltic Division

”Creative and incisive, Jurgis Didzulis combines the mind of a creative with the rigour of a business scholar. His presentations inspire and educate and his approach to social innovation is original.”

– Phil Tulba, UK Social Enterprise Consultant

“Jurgis Didziulis inspired us as an innovative and enthusiastic artist and as a speaker. He helped us create and apply the “Internal Value Audit” application, and collect useful information about values and virtues of our colleagues.  Jurgis is a positive, integrative, intellectual person – great to work with.”

– Rokas Kasperavičius, Partner at KPMG Baltics 

”Jurgis’s performance was an excellent choice for the end of our conference.  It was a dynamic synthesis of theory and music, topped by Jurgis’s charisma.  It was an great example of how an audience should be engaged.”

– Giedrė Dauguvietytė, HR Development Manager, SBA