Hold Space -> Be Creative Together -> Upgrade Humanity.
That’s the plan. Simple.


If culture is our operating system, then collective creativity is a powerful platform for human evolution.

Jurgis DID collaborates with other artists: musicians, performers, makers, and DJ’s to co-create a temporary fiction away from reality – A very human, immersive and participative space that reminds us how to exercise humanity and collective creativity by making music, dancing, flowing, playing, and having fun TOGETHER. If we can do that, we can do much more. If we can play utopia for a little while, we can become emboldened wit the though of applying the feeling and lessons learned to our own default realities.

… better spaces create better people create better space create better people …

#CommunityCultureQuickie is a a spa for the soul, a sanatorium for humaneness, a hippie homecoming where we commune with better versions of ourselves. It’s a free artistic zone, a creative refugee camp where you can let your inner hippie/artist out of the closet, and find yourself amongst others; perhaps even regain your faith in humainty. When we do it right, we expose ourselves to a space and culture full of self-made connection, caring, collaboration, creativity, coherence, commonwealth, communion.

Our mission is to co-create “that space” with curators and participants. We make it, own it, enjoy it. Together.  Everyone emerges a better person. That’s the plan.

+ Interactive/Participative Music
+ Creative workshops and activities
+ Ecstatic dance warm up
+ DJ fueled afterparty

Collaboration and Participation – WELCOME!
Art and Performance suggestions/offers – WELCOME!
Constructive Artistic Anarchy – WELCOME!
Expressive Dancing – WELCOME!
Free attire – WELCOME!
Kids more than WELCOME!

#CommunityCultureQuickie is an ongoing effort to strengthen our community-building capacities through co-created musical interaction and educational, inspirational, transformational FUN!.