Community Culture Quickie



This participative musical experience / talk / workshop is designed to strengthen “social consciousness” and unlock the “social potential” of teams in an entertaining and creative environment. By playfully co-creating a musical space with it’s own culture (values and behaviours) #CommunityCultureQuickie

   ⁃    Educates on the basics of collective values, belief systems, emotional needs, culture, and community
    ⁃    Explores the need for humane collectivisation and it’s potential
    ⁃    Reveals the social dynamics at play in any group
    ⁃    Demonstrates our innate ability to create robust and coherent social units
    ⁃    Shifts perspectives and mindsets concerning social / emotional capital
    ⁃    Exposes the liabilities and possibilities of untapped human potential
    ⁃    Exercises “social muscles” and collective creativity
    ⁃    Builds trust and strengthens interpersonal connections
    ⁃    Demonstrates how to “nudge culture” and “hack community

“If culture is our operating system, then collective creativity is a powerful platform for human evolution.”

”To create “good culture” and “good society” is in our nature. It is a human need that manifests as a longing for togetherness, collective creativity, and philosophical coherence in our social circles and communities. It is also an age old faculty we all possess; something deep in our individual programming that allows us to come together and create complex and robust social units.

OUR NEED FOR “HUMANE COLLECTIVIZATION” IS EITHER A LATENT LIABILITY IF IT IS NOT SATISFIED, OR A CACHE OF SOCIAL CAPITAL WAITING TO BE UNLOCKED. This soft skill, which may just be our greatest asset as a species, is there to be exercised not just “learned”. Useful understanding and actionable capacity is improved through practice – immersive observation, and first-person execution. That’s why “Playing Utopia” can be revealing if not transcendental when it comes to hacking our socio-cultural settings. Simulating a social micro-verse demonstrates the possibilities. Playful musicality provides an entertaining, inclusive, and visceral medium for doing so.

BETTER SPACES CREATE BETTER PEOPLE, BETTER PEOPLE CREATE BETTER SPACES…This is a formula for upgrading humanity. Everybody knows that you are as good as the company you keep, so what happens when you keep the company of people when they happen to be at their very best very best? You’ve got a spa for the soul, a sanatorium for humaneness, a homecoming where we commune with better versions of ourselves.

“We create a musical space where participants observe themselves weaving social fabric, co-creating order and beauty, and owning the outcomes. They reap the benefits of the communal collaboration, and enjoy the after-glow of earnest human interaction. More importantly, they observe the phenomenon at play and gain knowledge of how to replicate it in their own social realities.”

->Let us know if you have a space, team, or organisation that needs a little cultural upgrade<-