A stimulating mix of genres and participative co-creation that transcends traditional preconceptions of what music is and what it can do.



An inspirational cocktail of music, comedy, and academic insight that shifts emotional energy and perspectives on social dynamics, purposefully aligned values, earnest engagement, organizational culture, and FUN!



Artistic activism, creative campaigning, and social transformation catalysed through deliberate use of music and other art forms.



  • Hold Space -> Be Creative Together -> Upgrade Humanity. That’s the plan. Simple. Read more….

  • #LoveWarrior Boot-Camp @ TEDx BRC

    Utopia is not a place. It is a space held by individuals living higher ideals.” Straight from the desert of BlackRockCity. Fantuzzi and Jurgis co-create an interactve musical space to reveal what makes gatherings like “Rainbow” and “BurningMan” so important for envisioning a better outcomes for humanity.
    Read more….

  • Office FSTP. Shifting culture and attitudes on engagement in under 2h!

    WIX Vilnius were nice enough to let us capture what a “From Spectate To Participate” afternoon session looks like. A substantial dose of education, interaction and FUN! that moves both body and mind. Read more...


    We don’t appreciate the things we take for granted until someone messes with them. So here’s us at @creativeShock playing #SocialEngineering through musical interaction to demonstrate just how fragile these #SocialFrameworks and #SocialStandards are, and who is ultimately responsible for maintaining them. Read more...

  • #SING! a song about song w Erica Jennings

    A song can do many things; it can embrace us when we are hurt, it keeps us company when we are alone, it helps us express emotions that we have no words for. Song is more powerful when we sing; when we become immersed in the process, when we add our intention, when we find our voice amongst others. Read more...

  • #LoveWarrior(OFFICIAL VIDEO) Live&RAW w Fantuzzi

    Utopia is not a place. It is a space held by individuals living higher ideals.” Straight from the desert of Fantuzzi teams up with Jurgis DID to create a transformative track that reminds us of the power that Love has to affect people, interpersonal connections, and the realities we occupy. It accompanied their TEDx talk at BlackRockCity (BurningMan) and has already traveled the world touching the hearts of techno-hippies, hardcore activists, business leaders, royalty and heads of state alike.
    Watch & listen….

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