A stimulating mix of genres and participative co-creation that transcends traditional preconceptions of what music is and what it can do.



An inspirational cocktail of music, comedy, and academic insight that shifts emotional energy and perspectives on social dynamics, purposefully aligned values, earnest engagement, organizational culture, and FUN!



Artistic activism, creative campaigning, and social transformation catalysed through deliberate use of music and other art forms.




    A house is not a home until you fill it with loving people. An office isn’t a vibrant co-working space until people sharing desks don’t fill it with a real sense of community. Read more….

  • #SocialShock NR.2

    All business is SOCIAL - it happens between people, for people, because of people. Read more….

  • 2019 speaking/seminars/edutainment reel

    I’m putting this out there so more people discover what I do. Sure, more engagements mean more business for me - but the work is meaningful, impactful, and sincere. It comes from the heart, its unique, and it works. Read more….

  • March For Forests

    You can have tons of fun with a speaker strapped to your back and a crowd of people who care about the #ClimateChange. Read more….

  • My 10 tons of CO2 in the name of #BurningMan and #ClimateChange

    I calculate that my trip to Burning Man left a carbon footprint of about 10 tonnes. And yet, I’m quite certain that playing “post-apocalyptic hippie” in the desert with 70k fellow burners is by far the single most significant thing I can do about the looming climate crisis and all that will undoubtedly accompany it. Read more….

  • Hold Space -> Be Creative Together -> Upgrade Humanity. That’s the plan. Simple. Read more….

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