Our next speaker is quite unique.

Transformational troubadour? Musical magician? We’ll leave it up to you.

He believes that music can do much more than entertain;

it can bring people together, educate, and transform.

He is also an educator with degrees in Political Science and Business Administration

… and a professional background that ranges from Eurovision to EU consulting.

His one-of-a-kind talent has elevated audiences all over the world;

from TEDx stages to royal receptions, kindergartens, and Burning Man alike.

He’s not to here to play music…

He is here to make us experience community, transformation, and harmony through music.

Please welcome Jurgis Didžiulis (Yurgis Did-julis)


SHORT (20 words, 140 characters)

Jurgis Didžiulis (Jurgis DID) is a speaker, musician, activist and an expert in accelerating community and upgrading culture through music.

SHORT ALTERNATIVE (25 words, 195 characters)

Jurgis Didžiulis (Jurgis DID) is a professional speaker, musician, and activist with a unique talent for creating exceptional togetherness and activating communities through musical co-creation.

MEDIUM (42 words, 342 characters)

Transformational Troubadour, Musical Magician, Regenerative Recreacionista; Jurgis Didžiulis (aka Jurgis DID) is hard to pin down with conventional labels. He combines musical co-creation, professional speaking, stand-up comedy to create “exceptional togetherness” as well as educate on organizational culture, tribal dynamics, and community.

LONG (67 words, 475 characters)

Jurgis Didžiulis (aka Jurgis DID) is a Colombian-Lithuanian with a unique talent for bringing people together through the magic of musical co-creation. Part speaker, activist, and performer, he has navigated the intersection of music and social transformation for 20 years with a focus on upgrading culture (beliefs and behaviors) through culture (creative expression). He has built a career activating and educating communities and organizations through participative music.


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