“PATINKA” Procesion

Promoting tolerance without mentioning tolerance.

“Like”, or “Me gusta” are alright. But if you learn “Patinka” you’ll be saying it in one of the oldest languages in use today. The Pop-Up ‪#‎Patinka‬ carnival marks the end of our effort to promote the song in Lithuania and the beginning of our efforts to push the word #Patinka abroad.

#Patinka is a word that conveys heaps of positive emotion. We’ve added Colombian Cumbia to give it a more palatable flavour. We want to promote the Lithuanian language by getting as many foreigners as possible to learn their first word of this historically significant language. Our harmonious cultural collaboration proves that sometimes the best way of protecting heritage is to share and infect others through positive emotion.

Press and Media:

“Patinka” official music video (Jurgis Did Youtube channel)

Photo gallery and article about the carnival  (15min.lt – Lithuanian news portal)

Photo gallery and article about the carnival  (Delfi.lt – Lithuanian news portal)