“Mindauginės” – Loud & Proud Street Party in Klaipėda

I make impact music. If I release a single, there is an idea, there is a discourse, there is an action. There is nothing more satisfying than feeling that what you do has a purpose. But then an ocean of people engage in your art and you are blessed with a sublime sense of resonance and impact. “Packed Instruments” („Supakuoti instrumentai”) is a song about unpacking your heritage and the things you are proud of. It’s a song that entices you to sing, clap, and enjoy and talk about celebrating the little things that affiliate you to a culture.

Acknowledging your personal relationship with your culture and expressing it without succumbing to monolithic or homogenic nationalistic paradigms. Show your love, but don’t try to determine or judge other people’s. On July 6th Lithuanians celebrate the coronation of King Mindaugas. Festivities are usually rather somber and culminate with the national anthem. I wanted to encourage people to rejoice as well. Take time to reflect on what they are proud of and enjoy the satisfaction of expressing it loudly. Lithuanian identity ‘stored away’ – doesn’t count!! On 6th of July 2017, we ‘unpacked our instruments’ in Klaipėda. A ton of people got involved and the result – people recoding what Mindaugines means to them. Epic fun!

Press and Media:

Personal Jurgis Did invitation to join the street party (Delfi.lt – Lithuanian news portal)

Street party demonstration at Lithuanian National Television LRT

Mindauginės – Loud and Proud celebration. Facebook live stream

Celebration of Statehood Day in Lithuania and National Anthem with Jurgis Did (Delfi.lt – Lithuanian news portal)

National Anthem with Jurgis Did. Facebook live stream

“Packed Instruments” („Supakuoti instrumentai”) single (Official music video)

Event photo gallery (Jurgis Did Facebook)