#Reanimacija takes the healing and transformative qualities of various art forms for social impact and fun. Art is just what the doctor ordered for your zombified state of mind. It reminds us of the importance of human warmth and generosity without a price tag. During 2014-2015 I took a break from music working as a consultant for the EC and EP in Vilnius. I asked myself what I would do with my life if making money off my music was of no concern. I came up with #reanimacija – therapy for the heart and soul – where I allowed myself to make music for anything except money.

Since 2014 we have performed more than 200 interventions and had beautiful experiences with the “Mažvydas” Lithuanian National Library, the Lithuanian National Fire Brigade, UNHRC, Lithuanian Red Cross, and countless other partners. The ambulance and medical props we use are there for a reason. Art can heal, our mission is to get others hooked on the same ‘fix’ we have become addicted to.