2019 speaking/seminars/edutainment reel

This is my SPEAKING/SEMINARS/EDUTAINMENT showreel. This is what I do so I don’t have to work for a living.

Let me share the short story of how i got here…

A little over five years ago, I stepped away from professional music and into uncharted waters. Life had dealt me some curious LEGO pieces, but no manual; I wasn’t quite sure how they were all supposed to come together, but I could feel they belonged in eachother’s company.

The first piece was musical, tainted with deep disappointment. I had just stepped away from the music industry, and I understood that I could not continue making the music that “market required”. I was living a dream I’d envisioned in my youth, only to find that it was a more macabre nightmare that completely jaded my relationship with an artform that I believed to be transformational.

The second piece was dropped into my play set by my business studies (MBA). One of the best decisions, I ever made, they gave me a sense of how the modern world worked and how “value” is created. My thesis was on the limitations of the “Social Responsibility” mindset and the need to embrace “Social” as an opportunity. This piece was knowledge – the knowledge that there is social value to be created, engaged and leveraged and the terminology to pass it on to others.

The third piece was an unfulfilled sense of purpose and urgency. I am not an activist by vocation. I am an activist by birth. For as long as I can remember, I have been naturally questioning, disruptive, with an undying thrist for truth and justice that would not let me sleep at night. By then, I had 2 young boys, and their presence in my life reminded me every day that I could not be cynical or non-chalant about the state of the world and what I was going to inherit them. I remember saying to my wife -“I’m not sure how much I can change. But I want the certainty of being able to face them that I did all I could.”

Five years later, I’m still playing with those three pieces – mixing and matching my passion for music, my curiosity for human nature and social systems, with my unyielding, somewhat impractical sense of duty towards humanity.

I’m happy I can make a living of it and that I easily see myself playing with these 3 pieces and finding new ways to be creative with them well into old age.

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