We don’t appreciate the things we take for granted until someone messes with them. So here’s us at @creativeShock playing #SocialEngineering through musical interaction to demonstrate just how fragile these #SocialFrameworks and #SocialStandards are, and who is ultimately responsible for maintaining them.

People naturally expect:
– to be treated with respect and consideration
– to be included
– to be engaged and encouraged equally
– to be supported if they sing out
– to be allowed to opt out
– to receive clear instructions
– to be informed if any crazy stuff is going down
– not to be abused or taken advantage of

Maintaining these “unseen frameworks” and “ubiquitous standards”is what makes us human. We take these standards for granted because they seem normal. But who’s job is it to maintain a culture of humanity at work and in our lives? That is a conversation that the @EuropeanCommission is out to have with Europeans who value quality of life and understand that it is determined by much more that just decent wages. Europeans are not just here to make a living, they are here to make a life.