“Better spaces create better people, better people create better spaces.” I believe that this is a scaleable formula for saving humanity from itself.

Dystopian scenarios flourish when technological growth isn’t met by reciprocal human evolution. So how do we upgrade collective consciousness to meet the exponential technological curve?

Transformative spaces where we are allowed to “play utopia”, exercise collective imagination, and weave communal fictions satisfy our greatly unfulfilled primal need for humane collectivisation. These spaces reveal the potential of collective imagination. More importantly, they rekindle the social skills needed to re-engineer better realities from the bottom up. 

Unfortunately, radical festivals, simulated utopias, and similar co-created spaces are limited in reach and don’t scale exponentially. Jurgis explains why a focus on the culture (beliefs and behaviours) is needed if we wish to reach a critical global mass.

I then indulge in musical co-creation (#CommunityCultureQuickie) with the audience to highlight why we need to destigmatize “practicing of utopia”; why we need to transition from dreaming and describing desired outcomes to getting comfortable with simulating them, experiencing them, and playing them out.

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