#SING! a song about song w Erica Jennings

A song can do many things; it can embrace us when we are hurt, it keeps us company when we are alone, it helps us express emotions that we have no words for. Song is more powerful when we sing; when we become immersed in the process, when we add our intention, when we find our voice amongst others.

Our Eurovision entry is a homage to the power of song; to the healing, to the communion, to the shared moment of intention and attention where we remember that singing is something humans do when they come together, when they commune – That’s what song is all about.

My partner in crime for this undertaking is none other than my wife, Erica Jennings, an extraordinarily talented artist with which we have worked together in the past (The Ball & Chain), and vowed never to do so again in order to preserve our marriage and our sanity. We are making an exception, because the tune, the idea, and the project is well worth it. Watch the official video here…. Our final stand at the National finals here… and a cozy first rendition of the song from our living room with our friends here.