#SocialShock NR.2

“Organisation” is a verb. It is something we humans do through our bespoke power of connecting, collaborating, co-creating, and communing. We do it so well, we often don’t even notice what’s going on. We recode social systems every day through evolving behaviours and shifting beliefs. That’s why we accept organisation as a noun; something that we perceive to be static and unmutable.

It is a pleasure for me to host #SocialShock – the closing activity at the #CreativeShock social enterprise competition. It is a loud, messy, interactive exclamation mark; a symbiotic flux of voices, emotions, and movement through which for a moment participants get to savour the joy of owning a space through participation, connecting as a tribe, and drowning the ego through empathetic contribution.

Its also a great way to start a conversation on the importance of #SocialRights and the importance equality, support, trust, assistance and all the other things that keep us human in the #workplace.