Time To Go

A song for saying goodbye and casting away other bad energy.

Inspired by and in support of the courageous people of Belarus, this is my way of sending humanitarian cultural aid to assist with the “exorcism” of Europe’s last dictator.

When the scales of power are rigged, force must be deployed asymmetrically. Everyone helps the best they can. Creatives get creative. Artists get artistic. I’ve been more than happy to put my music at the service of my Belarusian friends:

– Lifting spirits and activating protestors in front of the Belarusian embassy in Vilnius.

– Performing “musical exorcism” at the #LaisvėsKelias rally for a nationwide audience on Lithuanian TV

– Organising a musical rally at European Humanities University for independent radio station in Minsk, Radio Plato.

“Time to go” was initially an obituary song. It grew into a way of releasing negative energy during the COVID lockdown, and when I began to sing it in front of the embassy of Belarus it naturally became “Time To Go Lukashenko”. I then understood that it was no longer mine…. that it had a greater purpose to serve.