A house is not a home until you fill it with loving people. An office isn’t a vibrant co-working space until people sharing desks don’t fill it with a real sense of community.

You could say I’m a bit like a trojan horse. It may seem like we are just having fun, but there’s powerful stuff going on underneath the surface:

-> we are creating a safe-space
-> we are exploring vulnerability
-> we are encouraging spontaneous contribution
-> we are nudging behaviours and beliefs
-> we are connecting intimately
-> we are experiencing the value that all of those elements bring to the space

This is us giving UMA (G09) workspace community culture an upgrade. Playful musical co-creation catalyses a sense of connection and belonging thats spills over into the day-to-day reality, It teaches how to weave, maintain, and steer community culture: the operating system of the individuals in that space.