“You could call it alchemy. By mixing the right kind of creative elements and a bit of emotional electricity, I draw people in and remind them of their own innate musicality. Their participation makes the music richer, but also ensures they leave the experience richer than they came in.”

JURGIS DOES NOT JUST PLAY MUSIC.  | He is playful with it, and inspires others to connect with their creative nature.

JURGIS DOES NOT JUST PERFORM.  | He holds space of heightened interpersonal awareness, where people can open up and explore.

JURGIS DOES NOT JUST SING SONGS.  | He uses song to encourage people to to find their voice amongst others.

JURGIS DOES NOT JUST ENTERTAIN.  | He empowers spectators to become participants and take the reigns of their own experience.

Music is a powerful medium whose true potential has been greatly limited by the boxes and formats we have confined it to – cassettes, radio-singles, albums, ipods, concert halls. Music can transform space if you allow it to bust out of those constraints. It can transform people too.

Song can produce a sublime feeling of oneness if you are part of the choir. Lyrics can be NLP if you recite them with enough feeling. Sound can be infinitely intimate if you are creating it with others. Dance can be viscerally therapeutic l if it flows from within. Improvisation can be magical if you’re the one pulling random creativity from your subconscious.

Music is a metaphor of life, when we allow ourselves to become immersed in it.

Jurgis proves an artist can do much more than just entertain, he can move people in ways they didn’t think possible.

JURGIS DID | SINGLES (2018-2016)