A cocktail of live music, powerful ideas, and creative interaction that inverts the role of on an audience and demonstrates how easy it is to go from ‘safe and passive’ to ‘hands-on and engaged’.

This immersive, participatory performance is an energising incitement to activism. It reveals the basic dynamics of the social games we play every single day, and provides the insight to hack them. It feels like a concert at one moment, stand-up comedy the next, a dance-party, and a life-changing workshop shortly after. By gracefully transforming spectators into active-stakeholders, Jurgis inspires us to tap into our own artistic nature, and nudges us playfully challenge the rules and roles of social conventions in our lives. Thorough explanation of what is going on give the audience plenty to take home and think about after the show.

While the theory may enlighten our minds, being part of the experience provides a positive emotional jolt that makes people re-evaluate what they know about emotion, FUN, empathy, social structures, engagement and authenticity.

The session culminates with an interactive musical happening where spectators
become participants and get a practical taste of the subject matter by holding the
musical space together.

“From Spectate to Participate” is perfect Edutainment for any organisation that needs to:
⁃ break the ice and connect
⁃ kickstart a process and involve stakeholders
⁃ understand how people earnestly engaged in processes and groups
⁃ get people involved

Key subjects such as engagement, participation, stakeholder involvement, vulnerability and trust can be emphasised depending on the needs of the organisation.