Hippie legend FANTUZZI teams up with jurgis did to create a transformative musical experience that reconnects us with our creative instincts and tribal nature. This charismatic duo provides us an enriching perspective on the aftermath of the “flower-power” revolution that threatened the status-quo of civilized society 50 years ago, and what it left us to work with. It argues that communing in Utopian spaces such as Burning Man and Rainbow Gatherings is the best way of bringing about positive change. Exposing oneself to Utopian reality make one an incarnation of it

This interactive performance focuses on the power of love as a weapon, if we choose to use it as warriors. It is designed to produce a sense of empowered oneness; rekindle faith in the human spirit, infect us with a new sense of possibilities, and illustrate the sort of trench-tactics and guerrilla warfare needed to carve-out, hold, and expand utopian spaces in our realities.