Jurgis mixes music, comedy and creative interaction to present the Aruhuaco people’s ancestral wisdom and it’s take on human nature, emotional needs, AI, the singularity, and progress in a fun and engaging manner. “Their lessons usually make little sense at first, but later provide plenty of transcendental eureka moments”. I share 3 of them:

» Enjoy the Silence: Silence is sacred. If you can enjoy silence with someone, you have something special. It is a solemn expression of appreciation.Unfortunately, “silence” does not exist in the digital realm.

» God in the Machine: We are a reflection of our environment and circumstances. Machines are reflections of us; our qualities and faults alike. We like our machines to be human (like us) but not too much, because we are ultimately scared of our own human nature.

» There is no point in being more civilised if it only makes us worse humans:Technology should be there to serve us and not the other way around. A sense of balance and the “bigger picture” is necessary for technology to solve issues and address needs rather than create new ones.