Lithuania’s people have been through a lot. Forced displacement, deportation, mass murder, discrimination, ethnic betrayal and cultural estrangement have left their mark. Many of those who have left still harbour a longing, a bitter-sweet yearning, to maintain and pass on something that is undeniably “Lithuanian”. They search for belonging, and wish to make sense of their roots in a foreign context. In many cases, traditions and customs have been carefully preserved outside Lithuania for over 3 generations. There is a sense of duty, a desire to maintain a connection, a commitment to serve.

Although we share a love, we have little love for one another. This project and the interactive musical seminar looks into that craving for identity, authenticity and belonging and reveals the foundations for a national identity that travels. One that unites. One that is contagious. One that embraces all of Lithuania’s children where-ever in the world they may be.