An entertaining mix of music, comedic story-telling, and sound academic ideas on how values make and destroy value within an organisation.

⁃ Educates on social capital, the power of beliefs and convictions, and the possibilities of properly aligned values.
⁃ Teaches how to identify, attune and seize these “latent assets” for social innovation,
employee engagement, more relevant CSR, improved HR, sincere PR, and a
heightened sense of community.
⁃ Demonstrates how to develop a value-driven, socially and environmentally aligned perspective of day-to-day activities and strategic objectives.
⁃ Conveys a very serious message in a fun, engaging, and memorable manner.

Values are more than something to go with your company’s mission statement. They are emotional DNA that can be harnessed for meaningful change and a competitive advantage. “Social” is much more than a liability, responsibility or obligation. It is a potential resource that is often underestimated and overlooked. Values in the form of personal beliefs and convictions are the key to understanding this latent cache within
each organisation.

Understanding how to align individual and organisational values can:

⁃ improve employee engagement
⁃ spark sincere shifts in attitudes
⁃ improve organisational culture
⁃ reveal sincere social initiative opportunities
⁃ educate on how to leverage values for value creation

The fundamental pillars of the message are:

1. You can’t define “priceless” in terms of money – and that’s tough for businesses to understand.
2. Social capital is a real “resource” in every sense of the word – it will provide a
competitive advantage if you use use it to your advantage.
3. Your core values define who you are and how you relate to others – you can either align them, or face the consequences.